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    The starch factory Chiozza – RUDA – ITALY

    The Starch manufacture Chiozza was founded in 1865 by Luigi Chiozza chemist and entrepreneur who developed and patented a process for the production of starch from rice. The initial production of 9,000 tons to 45,000 passed the beginning of 900, employing a hundred people, with the adoption of the most advanced technologies of the time.

    It has undergone several changes of ownership while maintaining the production process and original works until its closure in 1986.
    The factory, offices, homes of the workers, the Director of the villa immersed in the untouched all the low Friulian among corn fields and groves.
    In the territory and the Commonwealth of Ruda is deeply felt the presence of the manufacture of Industrial Chiozza but not as an “archaeological find. For this was born in February 2014, the starch factory ASSOCIATION Chiozza which has as members: the City of Ruda, Ruda citizens, former workers, scholars; united by the “passion” and the “will to do” that has created:

    • The website www.amideriachiozza.it
    • The Space Starch manufacture which houses:
      • Starch manufacture or Centro Studi Chiozza collects the complete archive from 1927 to 1976.
      • Starch manufacture or Chiozza Historical Museum, a collection of documents, tools, pictures, videos, testimonials.
      • room for conferences, meetings and school visits.
    • Give us a bit ‘of your time form of association which provides for the donation of their time on maintenance.
    • Rekindle the steam engine the project for the restoration of the steam engine, the only one in Europe still in his seat, where, from 1902 to 1986, he produced the energy for the entire factory.

    At the base of it all is the passion and the will to do, to do together in the community and for the community, but also do to be able to tell others “interested visitors” the story of ingenuity and willingness to undertake, the history and the life of the job, tell it through the factory, the documents of his archive, the story of its protagonists.
    All this to make it live again trying to transfer not only the emotions of those who took part in this story, but the culture of work and putting “on the fly” factory to create opportunities for social and economic development, especially for young local tourism-related cultural the study and transfer of values ​​and ability to do.

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